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So, before the new year even starts, I have made some resolutions. Whilst the goose is getting fat (and only days away before I too) I reckon now is a  better time to make the resolutions to DO stuff. After the festive season, let’s face it, resolutions tend to become more about GIVING UP stuff- yikes!



One of my top priorities is to blog more! I must apologise for the shocking neglect of this ‘ere blog o’ mine, and do so most sincerely. On the up-side, l’m happy to say that times have been busy. But why am I not telling the world this? There’s been some great things happening and I really would like to share.

In the spirit of all those TV shows at the end of the year that do highlights from the year gone by (and my oh my the great unwashed need some highlights at the moment) over the next couple of weeks I’ll run a retrospective of Fez Food’s Greatest Moments.

Heritage Private travel tasting tour

Heritage Private Travel tasting tour

Truth be told, every time I take visitors to Fez out on my culinary adventures, it is a highlight. Watching faces delighting in the mayhem of the medina streets, eyes lighting up at the extraordinary colours of the markets, noses twitching ‘Tabitha’ stylie trying to discern which spice is which ( or just getting a whiff of the nearest tannery !) or hearing the sounds of recognition of flavours known and loved or surprise at the deliciousness of foods new and thusfar mysterious, I get a huge kick. A normal day at the office? This is mine, and it rocks!

A recent highlight for me was having the great pleasure of taking Peggy Markel on a tasting tour . She has been running the highly successful Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures worldwide for years, and has been coming to Morocco for many of those. But in the true style of her motto ‘ connecting cuisine, culture and lifestyle’ she knows everywhere has something new to offer to join up those dots.

Culinary Queen

Culinary Queen

“I just recently met Gail in Fez while staying at Dar Roumana. Spending even a short time in the medina with her was enlightening. Her razzle dazzle smile charms everyone and her food knowledge rolled off her tongue in Arabic as easily as English. She wins my vote as the go-to girl in Fez.”

Highlights to come? Cooking Tanjia for Heston Blumenthal, Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Fez , Camilla and the Clock Book and my letter from the King of Morocco – I’m going to say that again, my letter from the KING of MOROCCO!

Suffice to say, I will not be giving up anything involving food. There is frankly too much to discover, to enjoy, to share and 2012 will be about more, not less!!

In the meantime to all of you Fez Foodies out there -


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