Heston Blumenthal - Heston’s Feasts – March 2010

‘To stroll through the medina of Fez is a mesmerising experience that everyone should have once in their lifetime. To do it with Gail Leonard of Fez Food, filling your ‘tangia’ with meat, exotic herbs, spices and flowers as you go, and then leave them to cook in the embers of the hammam fires, now that’s pure magic.’

Peggy Markel Dec 2011- Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures

“I just recently met Gail in Fez while staying at Dar Roumana. Spending even a short time in the medina with her was enlightening. Her razzle dazzle smile charms everyone and her food knowledge rolled off her tongue in Arabic as easily as English.  She wins my vote as the go-to girl in Fez.”

Tara Stevens - Food & Travel Writer,  Author of Clock Book – Recipes from a Modern Moroccan Kitchen

Fez food is not just a journey into Moroccan food, its a journey into the very heart of a culture that would otherwise be hard to penetrate. And that’s exactly what good food should be: a common language that unites all who speak it regardless of where they come from. Absolutely Fabulous!

Joy B. – Client from UK May 2011

‘To enjoy Fez you will need all your senses. Seeing scenes that are full of colour, history and strange culture. Smells that delight and assault you- mint, coriander, roses, spices and animal skins and body smells. Food full of flavours -sweet, spicy, fruity, always delicious. To find all these pleasures you need someone like Gail with local knowledge and her own enthusiasm for Fez that she can share. Thanks Gail, it would not have been the same without you!’